Thursday, May 26, 2011

Importance of eduacation

Scientific Technology and Science are possible becuse of education that may be our basic strating point from School and College. Nil Amstroung went to moon and reach their  because of Science.The huge gas plant, big hydro power project are possible because of Science and Scientific technologies. The test tube baby is possible because of Science. Science is a gift to human being which is almost impossible to us to survive.
                                                   Not only  these things but Science makes possible to entertain us that may be movie, cinema hall or theatre, television, etc. The camera, digital camera, telescope, etc are possible due to Science which we use to take picture and watch the far distance things.
                                                   Like other things it has also certain disadvantages beccause science makes various distructive thing as gun, bomb, tanks, rockets which are used in war. They are used to finish human civilization. These are the some disadvantges of Science but we cann't disagree that without Science and Techonology we cann't live which is possible becauce of eduaction.

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