Thursday, May 26, 2011

Importance of eduacation

Education makes anything possible in todays world. Education've become a part of human being like eye, hand, leg, etc. Without which it is difficult to us to do anything. Eduation makes possible the need of various person who are needed for welfare of human being for survie such as doctors, engineers, teachers, scientist, pilot, writer etc.
    Education makes possible anything in todays senarious. We can explain various things which are possible only because of education. The branded cars, amazing bikes are possible dut to mechanical technology for which we have to study. The aeroplane, jet, helicopter etc are possible because of education. The importance of education we cann't mention in words, it is vast. The tall buildings, beautiful banglo, big bridge, towers etc are possible because of civil engineering and architectural engineering.
                                                             The advance Mobile, Computer, Laptop, DVDS, MP4, Eyepod, etc are possible beacuse of advance technology through mechanical engineering. So, education is a gift to us which we needed in our day today life. Without which it is difficult for us to survive.

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