Thursday, May 26, 2011

Importance of education

    Today's world we can't explain the importance of education. Without education it's impossible to do anything properly. Eduction is needed everywhere, that may be in the field of communication, go for shopping, to operate computer. In day today world education played a vital role. It's become eyes of the human being.
                                  It's necessary for children to admission in the school in proper age. Not only the boys but girls also need proper education as well.The past thought of only boys should be educated have become wrong. Girls are also capable as boys in today's world. They've achieved the goals as boys have done. They've achieved the success as boys have done. They've become doctor, nurse, engineer, architect, pilot, professor, etc in today's society.
                                    So, importance of education cann't be explained in words. The technology and science've become possible beacuse of education.The materials and things which we use in our day todays life is possible only due to education. In the field of entertainment the science and technology've make lots of change by developing 3D movies, scientific movies and many more. So,it is difficult for us to survive without education.

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